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Transform your living space with our range of Persian Kashan rugs for sale

Carefully selected and imported from overseas, or sourced from local sellers looking to give their pre-owned Kashan carpet a new home, our range of quality Kashan rugs for sale are a combination of superior quality, striking designs and a variety of sizes.

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The Kashan carpet is the perfect example of ancient, classic Persian design. Made in Iran, and exported to the furthest corners of the world, every Kashan carpet has a tale to tell, one that the dealer or decorator might be able to share.

All Kashan carpets have a certain extravagant look about them, and for good reason. These carpets have been crafted in the Isfahan Province, in central Iran since the 16th century, although the greater designs were produced later on in the 17th century. During this time, the rulers of the Safavid era would retreat to Kashan for their holidays and while there, they would immerse themselves in the splendour of the city.

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These rugs are quite instantly recognisable, because of their much admired, and now famed, beauty and intricate designs. For most who are new to buying these rugs, the Kashan is the image that comes to mind when imagining what a Persian rug should look like. Browse through our selection of Kashan Persian rugs prices online for each item when searching for the next perfect rug for your home.

A closer inspection, by a more disconcerting eye, will reveal the truth about the rugs true design, as the Kashan carpet will often have traces of silk woven into the fabrics. The foundation of a lesser quality carpet is made often made of cotton, but can also have some silk incorporated into it. The wool used is delicately soft and the ends are tightly knotted, with the knot count being higher

per square inch in the more expensive carpets. Most Kashan’s have a similar design, with a floral motif and eye-catching medallion in the centre of the rug. Designs change ever so slightly depending on the area in which the carpet has been made. This is how dealers and decorators can trace the origins of each rug.

Select your new room centrepiece from our range of Persian Kashan rugs for sale.


1. What is Afghan Aaqcha Oriental rugs?

Kashan describes a hand-knotted rug that usually contains a diamond-shaped medallion on a Shah Abbas field. Shah Abbas field refers to a Mogul ruler that made a significant contribution to the overall rise of the Persian textile art in the 16th & 17th centuries

2. Where does Persian Kashan rugs come from?

Hailing from one of Iran’s oldest cities, Kashan, these Persian masterpieces first adorned homes and palaces as early as the 17th Century.

3. What makes Persian Kashan rugs so special?

Undeniably referenced as the most glorious and beautiful of all Persian rugs, the Kashan range encapsulates much history. Offering both a new and pre-owned range (aged between 10 and 25 years), these hand knotted gems, are restored to create immaculate and decorative designs, whilst maintaining their historic magic.

4. What are the typical colors of Persian Kashan rugs?

Popular colors include ivory, red and navy blue, with softer blues being found in newer rugs

5. What is the knot count of an original Kashan Persian rug?

It can range from 100 to over 800 per square inch for the most majestic (and expensive) Kashan rugs.