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View Our Range of Affordable Anatolian Rugs for Sale at Rugs Original

Are you looking for affordable Anatolian rugs for sale in South Africa? At Rugs Original, we provide our customers with the best quality Anatolian rugs on the market. View our range below. A beautiful rug can really lift the mood of an entire space in your home, and add a sense of personal style to any room. We also offer Harmony Rugs and Chobi Ziegler rugs.

Rugs Original is South Africa’s leading high-quality rug supplier in South Africa, supplying products to both the retail and wholesale markets, and is well-known to be a national importer of Persian and Oriental Rugs. One of the types of rugs available for purchase is the Anatolian range. More information about these products is mentioned hereunder.

The action of rug weaving in Anatolia first began with the arrival of the Turks from Central Asia, who looked to settle within this particular area. This is the main reason why Anatolian rugs are linked to Turkish people and their cultural heritage. Read more below to find out more information about Anatolian rugs and the deep and rich history behind them

What Are Anatolian Rugs?

Anatolian rugs are known as the type of rugs that are woven in Anatolia (Asia minor). The origins of a few of the oldest carpets on the market can be traced back to this region. Some of the most interesting features about Anatolian carpets and rugs is their vibrant colour pallets and interesting tribal symbols that have been woven into the rugs. The different types of techniques, colours, and prints that can be found hand-woven into Anatolian rugs reflect the values and beliefs held by the Turks during the time when they were produced.

Rugs Original supplies its customers with some of the most affordable Anatolian rugs for sale in South Africa. Our company takes pride in finding the best quality, and most affordable rugs for you to purchase in South Africa. View our selection of Anatolian rugs that are available for purchase on our website today.

Brief History Behind Anatolian Rugs

Anatolian rugs are used to represent the Turkish Culture. Anatolia forms part of the Western Asia region and is also known as the Anatolian peninsula. Nowadays, this area forms part of Turkey and is also commonly referred to as the “Asian Turkey”.

Turkish knotted carpets play a vital role in the Turkish cultural heritage since they are used as a physical representation of the period of time when they were made. For this reason, it is important to take extra care of these rugs. Preserving Anatolian rugs and keeping them safe from smuggling activities is of high priority if we want to protect the Turkish heritage.

It is not known when and how the first types of knotted and flat-woven rugs were produced, but some of the earliest carpets made of these types were found in the Turkish areas. This leads people to have the believe that these types of rugs were first woven by the Turks

Carpet weaving is seen as an ancient crafting activity in Turkey. This type of activity was mainly taken up by the women of Turkey, as village women used to weave carpets for use in their homes. One of the most noteworthy features of the motifs in Anatolian rugs is the symbolization which is embedded into the rugs with the traditional weaving techniques used to make the rugs. This symbolic representation was seen as the Turkish women’s way of expressing their cultural views.

Purchase any one of our Anatolian rugs from us today to add a sense of style into your home too.

Our Range of Affordable Anatolian Rugs for Sale

Anatolian rugs are similar to that of a time capsule. At Rugs Original, we supply our customers with a wide range of Anatolian rugs to choose from. These unique and beautiful rugs would make the perfect addition to your home. Get in touch with our team of professional staff members today to find out more about our hand-knotted Anatolian rugs. We look forward to helping you find the perfect rug for your living space.

At Rugs Original, we offer our clients a choice to choose to purchase the following Anatolian rugs:

    • Anatolian Multi Colour

Our Anatolian Multi colour rugs piles are made from wool and have a pile height of roughly 10mm. These rectangular rugs have origins that trace back to India, and display the hand-knotted weaving technique that is spectacular. Add this item to your cart today should you want to feature it in your home.

    • Anatolian Dark Grey

The Anatolian Dark Grey rugs are cotton rugs, however the pile is made from wool. This rug comes readily available in a rectangular size, and reflects a stunning hand-knotted weaving technique. Our Anatolian rugs are available in stock and ready to be purchased and added to your home soon

    • Anatolian Grey

Our Anatolian Grey rugs have a pile height of roughly 10mm, and the pile is made from wool. These rugs also come manufactured in the shape of a rectangle

All of our rugs for sale are sold at the most competitive price on the market. Speak to any of our staff members today, to find out more information about these rugs today. We have stores based all around the country. If you would like to purchase any one of our affordable Anatolian rugs for sale or wish to find out more information about these products, please feel free to contact our team on 087 353 9785 during office hours. Our office hours for the head office are Monday to Friday 09:00 am to 17:00. You are also welcome to send us an e-mail with all your rugs and carpet related queries. Send your e-mail to [email protected] today and we will have one of our staff members get back to you shortly.