Persian & Oriental

Encapsulating the epitome of luxury, style and opulence, and showcased around the worldwide in some of the finest settings, Persian and Oriental rugs have long been a treasured commodity. Having originated around the 15th Century, the themes and designs of these decorative art forms reflect their evolution through various eras. Adorning your home with a rug of Persian or Oriental persuasion will add an air of sophistication, not to mention the added allure of magic from the East, and there is a rug suited for every taste and style.
Persian & Oriental

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  1. AAQCHA - 200x300 Carpets
    AAQCHA - 200x300 Carpets
    From R5,399.00
  2. AAQCHA - 250x350 Carpets
    AAQCHA - 250x350 Carpets
    From R8,999.00
  3. NAIN - 200x300 Carpets
    NAIN - 200x300 Carpets
    From R21,600.00
  4. AAQCHA - 300x400 Carpets
    AAQCHA - 300x400 Carpets
    From R10,799.00
  5. NAIN - 300x400 Carpets
    NAIN - 300x400 Carpets
    From R59,400.00
  6. AAQCHA - 80x300 Runners
    AAQCHA - 80x300 Runners
    From R1,999.00
  7. AAQCHA - 80x400 Runners
    AAQCHA - 80x400 Runners
    From R3,999.00
  8. AAQCHA - 80x500 Runners
    AAQCHA - 80x500 Runners
    From R4,999.00
  9. AAQCHA - 80x600 Runners
    AAQCHA - 80x600 Runners
    From R5,999.00
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